The Beast’s Garden, by Kate Forsyth

23702432What does a lion and a singing lark have to do Nazi intelligence and German resistance in World War II?

Quite a lot, in Kate Forsyth’s compelling historical novel.

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Cloudwish, by Fiona Wood

Wishes aren’t real. Are they?

24248906Vân Uoc knows the score. She’s a scholarship kid in an exclusive school and under no illusion about fitting into the designer-clothes-and-huge-house set. It hasn’t prevented her crushing on A-lister and rowing star Billy Gardiner. When Billy takes notice of her just after she’s made a wish, it has to be coincidence. Doesn’t it?

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The Fault in Our Stars VS Zac and Mia #LoveOzYA readalikes

I didn11870085’t want to read The Fault in Our Stars.

Not because it was everywhere, not because it had been done before, and not because it was a teen romance written by a man, though if I’m honest those prejudices were part of the package. The real reason was because I made some assumptions about it.

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