A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness

Later this year a movie will be released of Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls.
I’m keen to see the movie, but reluctant at the same time.
Click here to see the trailer, and what I hope is conveyed in the movie version.



26 Letters

Prose fiction is something you build up from 26 letters and a handful of punctuation marks…

This is a truth that becomes more ridiculous the longer I ponder it. Not only fiction, but poetry, newspaper and journal articles, text books, and everything written in English is made up of 26 letters and a bit of punctuation. Our total written language is just marks on a page, or pixels arranged on a screen, yet it has the capacity to amuse and educate us, infuriate or bore us, inflame our passions or leave us sobbing. How crazy is that?

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