Two Wolves – which will you feed?

Released as “On the Run” in the US

After cops come looking for them, Ben’s mum and 19392551dad arrive and bundle him and his sister in the car for an unplanned ‘holiday’.  So begins a tale of tension, suspicion and fear.

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Zeroes – What’s your superpower?

24756394Zeroes is a new young adult novel about six teenagers with extraordinary abilities. It has all the right ingredients, and I wanted to love it. It was good – but just didn’t quite hit the spot.

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And the Winner Is …

Though the literary world seems abuzz with Man Booker fever over a novel that sounds like Stephen Hawking meets Psycho, the #LoveOzYA community is celebrating the winners of the Inky Awards.


If you haven’t heard of the Inkies, don’t despair. Once upon a time no one had heard of the Man Booker Prize either – or the Oscars.

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Cloudwish, by Fiona Wood

Wishes aren’t real. Are they?

24248906Vân Uoc knows the score. She’s a scholarship kid in an exclusive school and under no illusion about fitting into the designer-clothes-and-huge-house set. It hasn’t prevented her crushing on A-lister and rowing star Billy Gardiner. When Billy takes notice of her just after she’s made a wish, it has to be coincidence. Doesn’t it?

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